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While the tolerance for cold conditions for dogs is generally higher than humans, when the temperatures get cold, dogs without an adequate external heat source suffer just like we do. This is especially true of smaller and short haired dog breeds. We offer heated dog beds so that your dog with be safe and comfortable when the cold sets in. Along with heated pet beds we offer heated mats to keep your pet warm in a vehicle and other locations. You can even get a heated drinking bowl so their water supply won’t freeze over leaving them thirsty. Thanks for thinking of your dog's comfort and safety and take a look around, we are sure you will find some products that will keep your beloved dog warm!

We offer an assortment of heated dog beds to provide your dog with a soft and warm place to sleep when the conditions are cold. A heated dog bed will allow your dog to have a comfortable snoozing in your house. A heated dog bed is particularly important for dogs with any ailments, such as arthritis or other joint issues.

Being the biggest online specialist in heated dog beds, we provide the highest quality and most reasonably priced selection of heated dog beds. Along with heated dog beds, we offer heated cat beds, heated water bowls and other products aimed at keeping your favorite pet warm and comfortable all year round. We are proud to offer the best values on heated dog beds you can find! Order today!

Our Duo Temp Heated and Cooled Dog Bed provides the best of both worlds - a bed that can both be heated and cooled at the turn of a switch! Provides your dog with warmth during the colder seasons, and cools them off during the spring and summer! A great gift tat looks elegant in any home.

Have a dog that joins you in your road trips? The cargo dog bed looks to be the perfect fit, then! Simply place down and plug in and turn the back of your vehicle into your dog's new favorite place! Now they'll never get tired of road trips!

We are proud to carry many products that have gone through the process of becoming MET certified. MET Certification comes from having your product thoroughly tested for safety, in the case of our products it is the safety of you, your pet and your home that are being considered in their testing.

About MET Laboratories:

MET Laboratories has been working exclusively in safety for nearly 20 years and are always making sure that products are physically and environmentally safe. Constantly striving forward with improvements in safety standards through the use of sound science, research and in depth investigation. Something MET prides themselves on is providing clients with global solutions so that the products are compliant regardless of where in the world the product is being sold.

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