Heated Cat Beds

Even though cats have a thick coat of fur, just like humans, they are susceptible to cold conditions and need a warm external heat source to keep them warm and cozy. Heatedpetbeds-4less is here to help you and your beloved cat find a heated bed solution to keep him or her comfortable during cold winter nights and whenever conditions get frigid. Especially for older, cats with medical conditions or cats recovering from illness or surgery, if you live in an area that has chilly winter months you owe it to your little four-legged friend to have a toasty spot they can enjoy.

We offer a wonderful assortment of heated pet beds. They are all high quality with a look and style that will mesh perfectly with your home’s existing décor. Our heated pet beds also come in a variety of styles to accommodate the unique disposition and personality of your cat.

Whether your cat is the kind that likes to sit perched on a windowsill inspecting the outside world, or enjoys the comfort and security of nestling in an enclosed kitty-cabin. We have the perfect heated pet bed for your pet AND you. Heatedpetbeds-4less offers the lowest prices around and we always provide free shipping on items of $50 or more!

Many of our Heated Cat Beds have been MET certified ensuring the safety of your cat and home when using the product. A product becomes MET certified through strenuous testing that will show if the product line has any safety shortcomings. You, your cat and your home are also brought into consideration with regards to safety on products such as these.

About MET:

MET Laboratories has been test and certifying products for safety and environmental for over 50 years. The sole focus of MET is the testing and certifying of electrical products. Always a pioneer in the industry, MET is constantly working towards ensuring the safety of your electrical products which is quite comforting to know that you're safe using any product using their certification.

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