If you are reading this page, then you have some questions about our heated pet beds. Here we have answered the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that has not been addressed on our web site, do not hesitate to try our customer service line.

Q. How do I determine the size of the pet bed for my pet?
A. Size is a very important factor. If the bed is not the right size, then it will not be comfortable. Even if your pet typically curls up in a ball to sleep, you still want to provide enough space for your pet to stretch out. If you are getting a single pet bed for multiple pets, you will want a considerable large bed to provide plenty of space. When it comes to the size, going too large will not pose a problem.

Q. What is a heated pet bed?
A. Our heated pet beds are a little more than just a bed for pets that is heated. They are designed to elevate the animal for comfort, provide addition support for joints, and they are heated to provide warmth.

Q. What materials are used?
A. Typical materials that can be found in heated pet beds are rattan, wicker, and plastic. The wicker and rattan pet beds are commonly found in oval or round baskets and provide extra cushion. Plastics can also be found in oval or round baskets, for extra support. The manufacturers have ensured that the plastic used is chew-resistant with no sharp edges that could potential be hazardous. You may find stainless steel used in the higher end heated pet beds, for easy cleaning.

Q. What are the benefits of a foam bed versus one that uses cedar chips?
A. While a foam pet bed offers additional comfort for your pet, it does not do anything to restrict the population of fleas. Heated pet beds that contain cedar chips will discourage fleas from laying eggs and can be refilled periodically. However, the beds with cedar chips are not as comfortable as one that uses a polyester fiber or foam.

Q. I have a small toy dog. Would a heated cat bed work for a dog?
A.Sure. As long as it is the right size for your dog, a cat bed can function as a dog bed. However, you might want to keep it a secret from your dog that it was designed for a cat.

Q. You have heated pet beds to keep my pet warm in the winter, but do you have a solution that will keep my pet cool in the summer too?
A. Absolutely! We sell a Duo Temp Dog Bed that can provide warmth on cold days and coolness on warm days, based on what you set it to. This is the best choice for anyone living in a climate that has both cold winters and hot summers.

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