Rest is a very important factor when it comes to the health of your pet. Surely you have experienced for yourself the kind of discomfort that comes with poor sleep. Dogs and cats require more sleep than us. If the majority of that sleep is on a cold floor, then your pet is not getting the rest he or she needs to be healthy and alert.

By providing your pet with a heated pet bed, you are giving your pet warmth, support, and a sense of security to keep them happy. Just as you prefer sleeping on a bed than the floor or have a seat in the house that you have claimed as your seat, your pet wants a comfy place to call their own. Below is a detailed list of all the benefits you will receive when you buy one of our heated pet beds.


Unlike us, our pets have a furry coat that protects them from the cold, but that fur coat is not always enough. Our heated pet beds can provide that additional warmth to keep them comfortable through even the coldest winter days. At the same time, when not heated, has proper insulation to still be comfortable in the summer.

Cushion and Support

Do you enjoy sleeping on a hard floor? Of course you don’t. Even with a blanket and a pillow, a hard floor is still an uncomfortable place to sleep. If you can manage to sleep in such a way, you are not able to do so for a considerable length of time. You will wake up feeling un-rested and your joints ache. With a heated pet bed, you can give your pet the extra cushioning and support they require to be well rested. For older dogs, consider an Orthopedic Dog pet to assist against arthritis. Not only do our pets require more sleep then we do, but they age faster too. Our heated pet beds can provide optimal support and comfort to help maintain healthy joints, as well as lessen the risk of arthritis.

Personal Space

Everyone (human and animal) enjoys having their own personal space. We desire this place to be comfortable, warm when needed, and safe. The heated pet beds that we sell provide our pets with that special place just for them to curl up and relax in. This special place gives them a sense of security that will make them happy. For older dogs or dogs with joint problems the need for this personal space is increased.

Dander Control

Many of the heated pet beds that we offer are washable and/or have a removable cover for easy cleaning. This is vital when it comes to keeping your home dander and allergen free. Shedding is something our pets are not able to control and when you provide your pet with their own pet bed, you eliminate some of the places they could be shedding. Some of the beds we offer are reversible, to reduce the frequency of having to be washed.

Injury Prevention

Perhaps you have a couch that you allow your dog to sleep on. As your dog gets older, the couch will become more of a challenge. Even allowing your dog to sleep in your bed could pose a potential hazard. Getting a heated pet bed for your pet will also reduce the chances of damage done to your furniture. Cats will claw into things and dogs will jump. It is not hard to spot a couch that used to belong to a pet owner when the pets have always slept on it.


For outside pets, the exposure to the outdoor elements can be quite unforgiving. This is why we provide heated pet beds for outdoor use. These beds are tougher and water repellent. When you are at work and it starts raining, you may become worried and concern about your dog or cat that has been left outside. The image of your furry friend shivering in the cold is indeed a sad one. The dog in the dog house and the cat scrunched up on the porch. With one of our heated pet beds you can rest assure that your pet is not only dry, but also comfy and warm.

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